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Boundless adventures await for Theodore the Great’s life as a kitten; come experience the story of where it all began. Laugh with him as he explores his new cat world and join the adventures he encounters along the way. Enjoy the love and laughter with your children as we begin his journey through life. Who could resist the cute fluffiness that is Theodore the Great? Cuddle up together with your child as you discover the world from a cat’s point of view.

Theodore the Great is based on a real cat who is not only one of the cutest cats but an adventurous one as well. Each series you read will soften you and your children’s hearts as well as teach them stepping stones in life. Theodore also shares the stage with his real-life sister Riley, Half-sister Tortie, and other fluffy family members. 

To get the ebook version, download the all-new e-reader Paperclip Social, available now on Google Play and the App Store:


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February 2023

O for Orgasm

Sex and Orgasms for women have been taboo over time as women often think they are not able to experience pleasure during sex. Only a small percentage of women orgasm during intercourse alone, which often leaves them feeling unfulfilled and disconnected from their partner. A tabooed discussion throughout the centuries, a woman’s anatomy has long been thought a secret. Pleasure should no longer be ignored, learn what you are missing in your sex life, and how to experience your most explosive orgasms. 


Exhilarating, passionate, and satisfying are ways you will describe your sex life after reading this book. Learn everything from the basic anatomy of your most intimate parts, while gaining an understanding of yourself. Find a deeper passion for your partner that you may have not thought possible to find. Infatuation may come and go, but truly finding out what brings you sexual pleasure and exploring the different ways to find it is what matters. Sex doesn’t have to be boring and vanilla, there are so many genres of sex and pleasure.  This book will help explore your innermost desires and discover who you really are in the bedroom. 


Are you ready to go down a sexual journey that will not only make your sex life better but find out your inner sex goodness to share with your partner?

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February 2023

Magnetic Attraction

There are so many books out there talking about dating, but the problem is not all people are the same and most direct you to not be yourself or direct you in a direction that only creates temporary relationships. What if I told you looks, money, and body type really has nothing to do with attracting men?


What if I told you that most women do everything wrong when it comes to finding the right partner? This book will guide you to what men really want in partner or date, and you do not have to lose anything about yourself to get this.


You will just need to read and understand what makes a person truly attraction to the opposite sex, and anything or anyone can be stricken with love if you understand what is truly attractive. We already have it in ourselves, it just needs to be nurtured.  Join me in a guide to Magnetic Attraction for Men and Dating 101.

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