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Coaching Packages

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Relationshp Coaching

What is Relationship Coaching?

Relationship coaches help teach resolution skills in both dating and marriages. I can help you learn the vital skills needed for relating to your partner to both deepen intimacy and pleasure in the relationship.


If you are looking to increase pleasure and sex in the relationship only, then you will want to investigate my sex coaching program. 

​Relationship Packages
$275 single session
1 month $999 (4 sessions) 
3 months $2999 (12 sessions)
6 months $4999 (20 sessions) 

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What is Sex Coaching?

Sex Coaching can help with both sexless marriages as well as relationships. I focus on addressing problems, causing intimacy problems as well as creating a better sex life.


I help to guide my clients even if low libido, sexual dysfunction through better communication education and training. 

Sex Packages
$275 single session
1 month $999 (4 sessions) 
3 months $2999 (12 sessions)
6 months $4999 (20 sessions) 

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Sex Coaching
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​What is Executive Business Coaching?

Business coaching helps to guide a business owner or start-up to run an effective and lucrative business. I will help you clarify your vision, and how it fits your personal goals.


Whether you are just starting a new business and need guidance, or you just need help strategizing to grow an already successful business. 

Executive Business


$450 single session
3 months $4799 (12 sessions)
6 months $9299 (22 sessions) 


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Business Coaching
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Have a great story or idea and not sure where to take it. Reading online and watching videos can be overwhelming and confusing when you first start. Maybe you already have a book, but it did not do very well and so now you are looking for guidance.


Whatever the story might be, what if you could meet with the CEO of a book publishing company who could give you actual tips on creating your next masterpiece? There are so many great story tellers out there do not let that be you!

Book Packages

​$450 single session
3 months $4799 (1 hour per week)
6 months $9299 (1 hour per week) 


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​What is Book Coaching?

Book Coaching
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Life Coaching helps to build confidence, identifying life goals and working to achieve those goals. I can help you identify strengths, weaknesses and help you overcome obstacles that are holding you back for a more fulling life.

Life Packages

1 month $1500 (4 sessions)
3 months $4200 (12 sessions)
6 month $7499 (20 sessions)

​What is Life Coaching?

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life coaching
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