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Brooke has been a creator and entrepreneur since she was young. She loved reading and books at a young age, sometimes going through a book a day from her love of reading. Spending time writing poetry and music on the piano in her free time and wrote her first book in middle school called Charlies Life. 

She was always fiercely independent and always seeking new opportunities. 

With her love of animals and caring for people, she became a nurse early on in life and then went on to receive her Masters and became a Nurse Practitioner over 11 years ago. She is now the CEO of two different companies.

One is a healthcare based company that brings healthcare to the elderly and disabled. She also wanted to go back to her roots and she helped to create what is now 3 tier Paperclip Platform. She is now the CEO of Paperclip Publishing.


Taking her experience and knowledge she offers unique coaching opportunities to people around the world. Whether it be Business, Relationship/Intimacy, or Life coaching she helps many people Manifest their best life.


She also is an Author herself her next book coming out in December. She enjoys spending time with her children and family at home when she is not developing some new ideas, books, or discovering new authors.

Brooke's Writing

Theodore The Great

Boundless adventures await Theodore the Great! Come meet Theodore as a kitten and experience where it all began. Laugh with him as he explores his new world and joins in the fun he encounters along the way.

O for Orgasm

Coming February 2023

Magnetic Attraction

Coming February 2023

Image by Rene Böhmer

"I have known Brooke for approximately 6 years. I meet her through my mother as Brooke has been her primary care provider. I had my first coaching call yesterday and I was blow away by her ideas, suggestions and how easy it was to discuss where my challenges are with growing my personalized gift business. I had no idea that Brooke was so well versed outside the medical world. "



"I am recommending Brooke Eisenhart’s work as a business coach. Brooke actively listened as I talked about where I would like to see my business in the near future. She was able to guide me in the right direction with helpful suggestions to optimize my starting business. Not only does she have the resources and tools to share, she has years of real-world experience to back up what she is coaching to her clients! Working with Brooke will be a valuable asset to my business growth as she can spot missing components and look at the full picture with fresh eyes. I am excited to watch my business grow exponentially with Brooke’s guidance and support!"



"Brooke partnered with me to rethink my service offerings to ensure that I was creating a model that would be sustainable and allow me to continue to do the work I love doing. What was extremely useful is that she not only challenged me to stretch and dream big, but she also guided me to develop a system that I understand and fits my business. I have already signed a new client using the system developed since we began speaking a few weeks ago and am so grateful for her coaching and support in getting here!"



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